How To Take Care Of The Pool During a Hurricane?

March 24, 2023

When it comes to pool care during a hurricane there are a lot of questions about how to proceed to keep the pool safe. Here we highlighted the most common ones when preparing your pool for these situations.



Should I drain my pool?

The number one rule: Do not empty your pool!

Keeping sufficient water levels in your pool provides the important weight to hold the sides and bottom in place, especially when heavy rains that accompany most storms raise the local water table. Pools that have been emptied may experience serious subsidence problems and could even be lifted off their foundation.

Should I throw my pool furniture into the pool?

No, It is best to remove any and all loose objects such as chairs, tables, pool equipment and even toys that can become dangerous projectiles in high winds store them inside a building, pool chemicals may damage them. This is not recommended.

Should I leave my automatic equipment and electrical systems turned on?

It is important that all electric power be turned off at the circuit breakers before the storm hits. Any exposed electrical equipment such as motors for the pumps should be tightly covered with plastic wrap (if flooding is expected they may be disconnected and removed).

Should I do anything about the pool water chemistry?

Yes, it is recommended that you super chlorinate the pool water. You should “shock the pool” in your normal manner.

Should I lower the water level in my pool?

If your pool is properly equipped with adequate drains and skimmers and the surrounding area is properly drained, the water level can probably be left as it is.


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